Conscious Health Institute - Information Medicine 

The Conscious Health Institute is an institute working to create a new paradigm in health, medicine and education. Its mission is to research, educate and inform the public on issues related to health, medicine, and culture. 

We define health in the broadest possible terms. Health is not pre-given nor can it be taken for granted. We must all be active participants in our own life-health: we must become "conscious" of how we create and promote our health. It is possible to take our life and health into our own hands, rather than being dependent on organizations, governments, doctors, and healers. We help you become a more informed consumer. We provide you Information Medicine.


CHI takes a transdisciplinary approach to understanding health and healing. The perspective that guides us is what can be termed an “ecological”, or “holistic systemic" perspective. This reflects the view that all aspects of our world are interconnected and dependent. Therefore, individual health cannot be separated from the natural and non-human environment, society, the spiritual, and political. The body, mind and soul are one and inseparable from society, culture and non-human environment.

True knowledge is power and the best way to living and staying healthy is through self-responsible living. This requires the type of knowledge that can be practically applied in one's life in ways that further the health of all. We seek to provide information and knowledge that will empower you to take responsibility for your life-health and become a knowledgable health consumer.

We will make available our quarterly research reports, educational courses, and other information on health as we have defined on this website.

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