Courses for a Whole, Healthy Life

We provide online courses on diet, exercise, cross-cultural medicine, awareness practices (like meditation), and manual medicine. These are aimed at providing you the tools for being an active participant in your health. From back pain and other musculoskeletal disorder to issues with mental health, these courses will help you learn the essentials of creating and maintaining your own health path. 

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Yoga Training and mentorship 

Teacher Training 

  1. Technique  (asana, pranayama, meditation) – 100 hours
  2. Anatomy and physiology – 20 hours
  3. Teaching methodology – 30 hours
  4. Practicum – 20 hours
  5. Philosophy, ethics, lifestyles – 20 hours
  6. Electives – 10 hours

Total hours – 200 

Meets Yoga Alliance standard for their YRT 200 certification.

The training will be offered in two forms:  two 2 weeks intensives and a weekend training.

- Curriculum upon request


courses are from 6 to 10 weeks

Courses are self-guided and include reading material, video demonstrations, personal guidance.  


Optimal Diet: Transitioning to a Personlized Healthy Diet  ($195) 


Week 1  Fruits, Juices, Liquid meals, and Smoothies 

Week 2  Salads

Week 3  Sprouting

Week 4  Greens

Week 5  Vegetables

Week 6  Nuts and Seeds

Week 7  Grains

Week 8  Beans, Lentils, and Tofu/Tempeh

Week 9 Transitioning

Week 10 conclusion and summary  


Medical Anthropology 

Week 1  Overview and Introdution to Anthropogical Thinking

Week 2  Other Ways of Knowing: Ethnomedicine

Week 3  The Political Economy of Health

Week 4  Health and Illness: A Metaperspective 

Week 5  Embodied Intersections: Illiness, Knowledge; Individual Effects, Adaptation, Resilience

Week 6  Medical Pluralism in Theory and Practice 

Week 7  Critical Perspectives

Week 8  Integrating Lessons into live and practice 



World Medicine

Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Eastern 

Week 3 Western 

Week 4 Indigenous 

Week 5 Biomedine

Week 6 Body and Mind medicine 

Week 7 Information medicine 

Week 8 Review 


Psychology and Health

Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Body and Brain 

Week 3 Social, individual and Self 

Week 4 Emotions and Mind 

Week 5 Disease and health  

Week 6 Healty Self 

Week 7 Lifestyle 

Week 8 Practical life 


The Brain and health 

Week 1 Brain Basics and Evolution

Week 2 How Brain Functions

Week 3 Learning and Memory 

Week 4 Intelligence/Cognition

Week 5 Brain, emotions, personality

Week 6 Brain Plasticity and Body

Week 7 Health and Aging 

Week 8 Summary 



Week 1 Basics benefits 

Week 2 Yoga 

Week 3 Aerobic

Week 4 Strenghtening 

Week 5 Qi Gong and movement

Week 6 special needs and aging 

Week 7 Cross fitness 


East Asian Traditional Medicine (Chinese, Japanese, Ayurveda)


2-Asian Traditions


4-Indian, Ayurveda




Manual Medicine ( Massage, Bodywork)


2-different types of massage

3-structural and myofacial


5-touch and hands



Spiritual Practice and Health 

Energetic Vibration Medicine

The New Allopathy