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Yoga Training and mentorship 

Teacher Training 

  1. Technique  (asana, pranayama, meditation) – 100 hours
  2. Anatomy and physiology – 20 hours
  3. Teaching methodology – 30 hours
  4. Practicum – 20 hours
  5. Philosophy, ethics, lifestyles – 20 hours
  6. Electives – 10 hours

Total hours – 200 

Meets Yoga Alliance standard for their YRT 200 certification.

The training will be offered in two forms:  two 2 weeks intensives and a weekend training.

- Curriculum upon request


courses are from 6 to 10 weeks

Courses are self-guided and include reading material, video demonstrations, personal guidance.  


Optimal Diet: Transitioning to a Personlized Healthy Diet  ($195) 


Week 1  Fruits, Juices, Liquid meals, and Smoothies 

Week 2  Salads

Week 3  Sprouting

Week 4  Greens

Week 5  Vegetables

Week 6  Nuts and Seeds

Week 7  Grains

Week 8  Beans, Lentils, and Tofu/Tempeh

Week 9 Transitioning

Week 10 conclusion and summary  


Medical Anthropology 

Week 1  Overview and Introdution to Anthropogical Thinking

Week 2  Other Ways of Knowing: Ethnomedicine

Week 3  The Political Economy of Health

Week 4  Health and Illness: A Metaperspective 

Week 5  Embodied Intersections: Illiness, Knowledge; Individual Effects, Adaptation, Resilience

Week 6  Medical Pluralism in Theory and Practice 

Week 7  Critical Perspectives

Week 8  Integrating Lessons into live and practice 



World Medicine

Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Eastern 

Week 3 Western 

Week 4 Indigenous 

Week 5 Biomedine

Week 6 Body and Mind medicine 

Week 7 Information medicine 

Week 8 Review 


Psychology and Health

Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Body and Brain 

Week 3 Social, individual and Self 

Week 4 Emotions and Mind 

Week 5 Disease and health  

Week 6 Healty Self 

Week 7 Lifestyle 

Week 8 Practical life 


The Brain and health 

Week 1 Brain Basics and Evolution

Week 2 How Brain Functions

Week 3 Learning and Memory 

Week 4 Intelligence/Cognition

Week 5 Brain, emotions, personality

Week 6 Brain Plasticity and Body

Week 7 Health and Aging 

Week 8 Summary 



Week 1 Basics benefits 

Week 2 Yoga 

Week 3 Aerobic

Week 4 Strenghtening 

Week 5 Qi Gong and movement

Week 6 special needs and aging 

Week 7 Cross fitness 


East Asian Traditional Medicine (Chinese, Japanese, Ayurveda)


2-Asian Traditions


4-Indian, Ayurveda




Manual Medicine ( Massage, Bodywork)


2-different types of massage

3-structural and myofacial


5-touch and hands



Spiritual Practice and Health 

Energetic Vibration Medicine

The New Allopathy