Courses for a Whole, Healthy, Sustainable Life

We provide online courses on diet, exercise, cross-cultural medicine, awareness practices (like meditation and qi gong), manual and somatic therapies. These courses are designed to equip you with the tools to be an active participant in your health, to maximize wellness, and to prevent disease. From back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders to mental health issues, these courses will help you learn the essentials of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Courses are self-guided and include reading material, video demonstrations, personal expert guidance.  


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The Optimal Diet

Follow the path to better health and improved performance of BODY and MIND.

This is not just a diet, it’s a way to TRANSFORM your WHOLE BODY


The Optimal Diet course helps you adapt to a plant-based diet that combines raw and cooked foods, designed to optimize your health and prevent disease. By adjusting your diet and nutritional intake, you can increase your energy, lower your stress levels, recover faster from exercise, and prevent illness. Since everyone is unique, you'll receive personal expert guidance to tailor the plan to your body type and lifestyle while considering your current health condition.

Your journey begins with an easy-to-follow plan. Learn to prepare nutritious meals from recipes carefully designed by healthcare, medicinal, and nutritional experts. Our holistic cross-cultural approach to your health combines the wisdom of Asian medical traditions with the scientific rigor of Western medicine. The result is a 10-week online journey through text and video lessons that will get you started on the path toward better health and well-being.


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Medium Raw: Transitioning to Your Optimal Diet  

A 10 Week Journey To Health-The next Step in Your Personal Evolution ($175) 



There is a “right diet” for you, but no single diet is right for everyone! Find yours. 

Learn how to Combine raw and cooked foods in your diet 


Food is an indispensable part of day-to-day life and culture, and we all encounter a lot of conflicting messages about what is and is not good to eat. All the different diets and claims on the market can be confusing. With this course, informed by both the latest Western scientific research and Eastern health and medical traditions, the Conscious Health Institute offers a clear plan to help you turn the most healthful ingredients into complete meals every day.

You may be here because you have a health condition and believe diet is important to healing. You may want to move from an animal-based to a plant-based diet. Or you might want to adopt a raw food diet. We are here to help you find a diet suited to YOUR BODY and circumstance. If you are looking to heal, seeking to maximize your health and well-being, or searching for factual information about food, this is the ideal course for you.

As you proceed through 10 lessons full of text and videos, you will discover the nutritional benefits of a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and beans. Recipes from around the world will teach you how to combine these foods into delicious dishes, and then you can follow our menu suggestions to combine these dishes into balanced meals. This diet is free from animal products, gluten, processed foods, and refined sugar, and places a special emphasis on raw and organic foods and good digestion. Along the way, you’ll learn how to juice your own fruits and vegetables, grow your own sprouts, soak grains and beans, and more. You’ll also gain access to a private Facebook page where you’ll find additional information and support. If you have any questions, you can ask your instructor, who will be happy to help.  

Unlike many diet plans created by chefs, the CHI course is designed by a trained professional with decades of experience in healthcare, medicine and nutrition. This diet course is not a weight-loss diet or a fad diet intended to be followed for only a few weeks. It is a deliberate, sustainable way of eating to help optimize your health over the long term. This course presents general tips and guidelines, not strict rules that everyone must follow at all times. Each person’s health and nutritional needs are slightly different, and these needs can change with time. A key aspect of physical, emotional, and mental health is learning to pay attention to your own body and to be flexible in how you take care of it. It is a good idea to meet with a healthcare professional with expertise in this nutritional approach, to get personalized guidance both before and throughout the process of changing your diet. This will help you speed up the process and INDIVIDUALIZE the DIET to your current heath condition. 

We hope you find this course informative and easy to follow, and the foods tasty and satisfying. Eating well should be not just a commitment to yourself, but also a joy and an adventure. In many different ways, it should make you feel great!  


INTRODUCTION-The Next Step in Your evolution 

Week 1  Fruits, Juices, Liquid meals, and Smoothies 

Week 2  Salads

Week 3  Sprouting

Week 4  Green Leafy Vegetables

Week 5  Vegetables

Week 6  Nuts and Seeds

Week 7  Whole Grains and Seeds

Week 8  Beans, Lentils, and Soy

Week 9  Planning a Balanced Meal

Week 10 Maximizing Raw Food: Combining raw and cooked foods to discover your optimal diet 




 The following are IN DEVELOPMENT 


Medical Anthropology 

Cross-cultural medicine 

Week 1  Overview and Introdution to Anthropogical Thinking

Week 2  Other Ways of Knowing: Ethnomedicine

Week 3  The Political Economy of Health

Week 4  Health and Illness: A Metaperspective 

Week 5  Embodied Intersections: Illiness, Knowledge; Individual Effects, Adaptation, Resilience

Week 6  Medical Pluralism in Theory and Practice 

Week 7  Critical Perspectives

Week 8  Integrating Lessons Life practice 



World Medicine

Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Eastern 

Week 3 Western 

Week 4 Indigenous 

Week 5 Biomedine

Week 6 Body and Mind medicine 

Week 7 Information medicine 

Week 8 Review 



Psychology and Health

Week 1 Introduction

Week 2 Body and Brain 

Week 3 Social, individual and Self 

Week 4 Emotions and Mind 

Week 5 Disease and health  

Week 6 Healty Self 

Week 7 Lifestyle 

Week 8 Practical life 



The Brain and health 

Week 1 Brain Basics and Evolution

Week 2 How Brain Functions

Week 3 Learning and Memory 

Week 4 Intelligence/Cognition

Week 5 Brain, emotions, personality

Week 6 Brain Plasticity and Body

Week 7 Health and Aging 

Week 8 Summary 




Week 1 Basics benefits 

Week 2 Yoga 

Week 3 Aerobic

Week 4 Strenghtening 

Week 5 Qi Gong and movement

Week 6 special needs and aging 

Week 7 Cross fitness 



Acupressure & Bodywork

Introduction to the relationship of Acupressure to bodywork and Awarenss practices 

Learn about the body's self-balancing system, the relationship between acu-points,
meridians, myofacia tissue and dynamic anatomy 

Week 1 Basic Meridian Theory

Week 2 What is Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® and the head/shoulder release method 

Week 3 Acupressure system differences

Week 4 Armoring, obstruction in energy pathways  

Week 5 Dynamic Alignment

Week 6 Body and Emotions

Week 7 Awareness and Conductivity 

Week 8 Meta-physiology and Dynamic Anatomy

Week 9 Myofacial System, sinews, meridians, Extrordinary vessels

Week 10 Hand techniques and movement 



East Asian Traditional Medicine (Chinese, Japanese, Ayurveda)


2-Asian Traditions


4-Indian, Ayurveda,






Manual Medicine ( Massage, Bodywork)


2-different types of massage

3-structural and myofacial


5-touch and hands



Yoga Training and mentorship 

Teacher Training 

  1. Technique  (asana, pranayama, meditation) – 100 hours
  2. Anatomy and physiology – 20 hours
  3. Teaching methodology – 30 hours
  4. Practicum – 20 hours
  5. Philosophy, ethics, lifestyles – 20 hours
  6. Electives – 10 hours

Total hours – 200 

Meets Yoga Alliance standard for their YRT 200 certification.

The training will be offered in two forms:  two 2 weeks intensives and a weekend training.

- Curriculum upon request



Tibetan Buddhist Medicine 

The Art Of Whole-Body Happiness

Spiritual Practice and Health 

Energetic Vibration Medicine

The New Allopathy