Eat alkaline for longevity

Source: Journal of Complementary Medicine

Researchers at the University of California's Division of Nephrology have been investigating the long-term effects of the modern Western diet on the human body. Overall, the modern Western diet is filled with highly acid-producing foods such meat, corn, grains, eggs, etc., which have been staples of the human diet since we switched to an agricultural based diet 10,000 years ago.
In healthy people, the kidneys help ensure that the body maintains a pH balance that is slightly alkaline by eliminating the acid we take in from these foods. As we age, however, the kidneys have difficulty removing the acid, which contributes to some of the chronic lifestyle diseases that we associate with old age.
For example, people with high acidity levels are more likely to have kidney stones, lowered bone mineral density, muscular breakdown, etc. Although there are some supplementation options available to improve alkalinity, researchers recommend increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables, and nuts in favor of the acidic foods associated with the typical Western diet.