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 Effects of the brown rice diet on cardio-visceral system

Two studies suggest that brown rice may be a good choice for those with type 2 diabetes and related risk factors.

2013’s two-part “BRAVO study” focused mainly on men with metabolic syndrome (multiple high risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes). In part 1, compared to those who ate white rice, those who ate brown rice experienced less of an increase in blood glucose and insulin. In part 2, brown rice helped men lower their cholesterol, become less insulin-resistant, and lose weight over an 8-week period—but they gained the weight back after switching to white rice.

In a 2016 study, type 2 diabetes patients who ate a brown-rice-based vegan diet for 12 weeks experienced better blood-sugar control than those who ate a conventional diet recommended by the Korean Diabetes Association.

Source: NCBI