Global health/climate change

Malnutrition, Obesity and Climate Change are Linked

Source: The Lancet 

This article examines the illnesses of obesity and malnutrition as interrelated with the phenomena of climate change as well as diet. Food, such as meat and refined sugar, take a lot of resources. Land, water, and fossil fuels are used in larger amounts to produce a diet high in meat and sugar and leave a large carbon footprint. These are also foods that make people obese and can provide many calories to those who can afford these foods without providing enough nutrition. If more people eat a plant-based diet and reduced or eliminated foods such as refined grains, meats, and sugars, the health of the world's population would increase, there would be less obesity,  and more nutrient dense foods are available to more people. A diet like this would also be less of a strain on the environment and produce less greenhouse gases therefore helping to stave off global warming