Why our salt addiction is hard to kick

Source: CNN/

The FDA is considering limiting the amount of sodium that can be used in packaged foods. Excessive salt consumption can cause high blood pressure and make individuals more susceptible to heart attacks, strokes, and other health problems. The problem, however, is that the American palate has grown so accustomed to the high levels of sodium in food that any significant change in the sodium level will likely result in consumers rejecting the particular food item.

Yet, the problem remains. The average America consumes approximately 50 percent more sodium than doctors recommend. The only solution appears to be a gradual decrease in the amount of sodium in processed food that is subtle enough to go largely undetected by American consumers. We literally have to wean ourselves off of salt.

While experts are still trying to understand all the factors that go into the people's desire for salt, they have determined that there are biological, environmental, and perhaps even psychological factors that directly contribute to people desire for the saltiness taste.